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Seventh Year Photograph 1969

On the linked pages you will find, if you dare, the photograph.

To post it here fills me with disappointment. Here we were, the cream of the most progressive school in the most progressive education authority at the end of the 1960s.

Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in was in the charts, we had a sixth form trip to see Hair in the West End

And what became of these people? Boring Bloody Conformity

One of these people is the chief executive of a building society.  The only one to achieve any sort of fame was responsible for acting alongside John Mills in the worst production of his career.

Any rock stars? Any revolutionaries? Any criminals? No. Nada. Zilch.

Another disappointment is that there is no glimpse of underwear on the front row.

Suggest some categories for awards

Most Sullen - Vanessa Chaplin
Most Rebellious - Bohdan Medwickyj
Most 1960’s - Sandie Evans
Most Lecherous - Dave Pratt

Let me know who are the people I have failed to identify, or spelt incorrectly.

Most importantly, why wasn’t I there?
Was I deemed to be too pretty to appear? So damned glamorous that I would steal the show
Was I too ugly? I was locked in the changing rooms for 30 minutes to save the reputation of the school?
Or is that really me, not Karin sitting next to Val? Who knows? We were often mistaken for each other.

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1969 - Ken Phillips elected head boy
Within 35 years Longslade fails Ofsted inspection.
Coincidence? I think not.

I should perhaps also clarify that the links to this page refer to the “Class of 69”. This is American usage referring to the year in which we left school, rather than to some more than progressive sex education agenda.
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