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A chance to represent your constituents

Mr Arbuthnot,

As you have been my elected representative for several years and achieved nothing for me, I wonder if you might be interested in taking part in the protest against Mr Bush's visit, as detailed at:
Specifically the idea:

Baring Your Bum

If you hear of a visit to your part of town or happen to see George W Bush, bare your arse in his general direction. Don't be afraid to wiggle it about a bit and maybe even spread your cheeks; this is a political statement you're making and you don't want to do things by halves, now do you?

I would be delighted to publicise this action on your behalf.

Be sure to let me know.

Ken Phillips

Reply received 18th November:

Bum Baring

Dear Mr Phillips,

It's November.  Certainly not.

You may be working on the basis that a bum in the hand is worth two in the bush, but I'm otherwise engaged (representing you - sorry.)

Yours sincerely,

James Arbuthnot
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