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Another Official Site of
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For the benefit of those wondering (as if) why this site is longer updated so regularly, please follow the link to My Journal


The purpose of this website is only to amuse. It is largely my own work, and I have to confess that I find some of it funny. I hope other people find it funny as well. I am well aware that the internet gives everyone with access the chance to air their opinions and prejudices in the expectation that the audience will be interested and/or impressed. I have to say that these expectations are usually unfulfilled. If you find nothing here of interest, then you have only wasted a few seconds of your life, accept my condolences and apologies.


When BT decided to stop their free web space facility, I decided to carry on with a website, mainly so that I could upload my family history files on a free website. If you have come here because you find that you are related to me, first of all please accept my apologies, but, more importantly let me know, and tell me of any errors.


Feedback is welcomed, please sign the guestbook, there are entries there already that amused me, (although the only professional author to contribute chose to put someone else’s poetry there).

From time to time I am asked, and glad to help, in proof reading academic papers from friends. I enjoy this activity, and get it that we get a buzz from thinking. Let me know if I can help. Let me qualify that by saying this:

We can continue to strive to understand existence by developing our cognitive processes, apply logic and rationality to the observed universe. But it is actually in a state of mind-emptiness – when there is no thought as such – that we truly understand. It is an experience, not a concept. It is the difference between trying to fit an understanding of everything into our brain and the liberation of being – knowing that of which we are part.